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Nueva version de MyDefrag 4.2.8

Nueva versión de MyDefrag, que soluciona algunos problemas importantes y añade otras nuevas funciones que le dan mas poder a la desfragmentación de nuestro disco duro. A continuación las opciones desde la página oficial:


  • Fixed a bug in the grammar of the MaxRunTime statement. It can now be used multiple times in a block, as intended.
  • Added a logfile footer with the finishing time and total running time.
  • Added ExcludeVolumes(CDRom(yes)) to the settings, to hide the cdroms in the the MyDefrag script chooser window.
  • If MyDefrag is started with some volumes names (“MyDefrag.exe -v C: -v D:”) then the script chooser now only displays those volumes.
  • Added support for volume device names, for example “\Device\HarddiskVolume1”.
  • Added the  * ImportListFromProgramHints fileboolean.
  • Added several options to  * WhenFinished, such as Hibernate, Standby, and WarnUsers.
  • Fixed a problem in the calculation of the ZoneSize and ZoneBegin numbers.
  • Changed the selection criteria of FastFill (more favor files high on the disk) to move less data and finish quicker.
  • Changed the installer so the association between MyD scripts and a new version of MyDefrag is not deleted any more when an old version is uninstalled.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause certain VolumeBooleans to crash.
  • Added the  * MoveToEndOfDisk fileaction.
  • Added the  * NumberBetween volumeboolean.
  • Added the  * FileSystemType volumeboolean.
  • Added the  * FileLocation fileboolean.
  • Added the Minimum() and Maximum()  * NUMBER operators.
  • Added the  * RememberUnmovables setting.
  • Added the Highlight.MyD example script.
  • Added the  * SetColor “text” setting.

Enlace de descarga: MyDefrag 4.2.8

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